Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"
Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"

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Weblinks..."No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent." - The famous words of John Donne, an English metaphysical poet born in the last quarter of the 16th Century.


I believe Donne was so right, for G-d has created us to live in community (as He is within the Godhead) and not be isolated from each other. If you know of any other suggestions for useful weblinks, please let me know so I can add them in.


Please Note:
This list is not exhaustive and not all of the views expressed on these sites necessarily reflect the views of Shorashim Ministries.

Hebrew for Christians

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This is an excellent site, well structured and easy to navigate. It majors on the theme of the Hebrew language and encourages a greater understanding of this essential biblical language.


It also helps us understand Jewish blessings, prayers, and our understanding of the weekly Torah portions from a Messianic point of view.

On Messianic Biblical Holidays

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This is an excellent site for research, understanding and application of the biblical feasts, fasts and festivals in modern life. The site comes at each festival from a Messianic perspective.

General Information On Israel

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This is an excellent site for general information on the modern State of Israel - from demographics to climate, and government to tourism. There's loads of data, images and other information just a click away.


Jewish Encyclopaedia Online

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This site offers information on just about anything you can think of to do with Judaism, Jewish people and the Jewish world. But don't panic! It has an excellent search engine and you can also opt to browse by initial letter through an A-Z guide.

Jewish FAQ Site

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This is a good site for researching many items to do with Judaism and Jewishness. What makes it somewhat unique and refreshing is its 'grass roots' feel as it is clearly managed and maintained by someone living it out on the ground.

Subject areas covered include Jewish ideas, people, places, things, words, deeds, times and life cycle.

On Karaite Judaism

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Karaism holds fascinating similarities with our own perspective and, although not perfect, is well worth further investigation though this site.




In their own words:


"Karaism is the original form of Judaism as prescribed by God in the Torah. Karaite Judaism rejects later additions to the Tanach [Jewish Bible] such as the Rabbinic Oral Law and places the ultimate responsibility of interpreting the Bible on each individual.


Karaism does not reject Biblical interpretation but rather holds every interpretation up to the same objective scrutiny regardless of its source."

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