Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"
Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"

The Bride of Messiah

Will she be ready, and what can she expect?

"He has taken me to the banqueting hall, and his banner over me is love... my beloved is mine, and I am his"


~ Song of Songs 2: 4 & 16

The Church (however you define it) has a high calling, as outlined in Scripture.


So can she ever live up to its calling to be the Bride of Messiah? What state is she in now, and will she be ready when he comes to collect her at the end of days?


Find out more about what it meant to be a Bride and Bridegroom in Ancient Israel and unlock the truth about the Church, both now and in the future...

This teaching includes the following research areas:

  • The Bride In Ancient Israel
  • The Selection Process
  • The Bride Price & Her Gifts
  • The Bride's Consent
  • The Betrothal & Ketubah
  • The Mikvah (baptismal) pool
  • The Bridegroom In Ancient Israel
  • The Departure
  • The Consecration
  • The Bridegroom's Return
  • The Huppah
  • The Marriage Supper


Multi Media

View the notes here, and download them below...

Download the notes here...

The Bride of Messiah
These teaching notes are in PDF PowerPoint slide format and cover the topics outlined above...
Adobe Acrobat document [302.4 KB]


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