Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"
Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"

Pesach (Passover)


A Passover Seder Plate

You can check out more of our teaching on Pesach (Passover) and how the ten plagues specifically targeted and undermined the Egyptian pantheon of gods here.


Pesach is the Hebrew word for Passover and literally means "a jump". Why? Well, because when God's Angel of Death struck down the first-born in each Egyptian house, He "jumped" over the homes of the people of Israel bearing the blood of the sacrificial lamb on its doorpost and lintel, thus sparing them.

Jumping strongly suggests not being bound by a previous position or status – you cannot jump if you are not free! Thus freedom is a central and eternal theme of this most wonderful of Biblical remembrances and celebrations. Used figuratively, Pesach is a reminder of our existential, intellectual, emotional leap to freedom.

... Into A Festival of Freedom

It was for freedom that our Passover Lamb has set us free!

Historically, culturally and intellectually, freedom is one of the cornerstones of Judaism. The Torah, Prophets, the B'rit Hadasha (New Covenant) and even the rabbinic writings consider Passover to be a celebration of freedom. Our very existence as the Hebrew nation (including those grafted in to us) is intimately bound with freedom.

For us, as Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah of Israel and the whole of creation, we see Pesach as an amazing and wonderful reminder of Him and who He is. It reminds us of God's amazing plan to redeem our people and humanity. We see Yeshua as the Passover Lamb and as our "bread of affliction," whose body was broken and blood spilled so that we may go free and live our lives in liberty.

Passover Symbolism

So much of the symbolism used in the Pesach Seder reminds us of where we were, and where God has brought us to now, for example:


  • Matza – the bread of affliction
  • Charoset – the mud we used to make building blocks for Pharaoh
  • The Passover lamb – by whose blood we are set free, both then and now


Don't forget, you can also check out more Passover teaching on the plagues God brought on the Egyptians and how they tackle the Egyptian pantheon here.

Leading "Jesus in the Passover" Demonstrations

Having an interactive "Jesus in the Passover" demonstration in your small group or church is an amazing, stimulating, inspiring and faith-building occasion and doesn't take too much to organise.


If you'd like any help and advice, or for someone from  Shorashim Ministries to come and lead an event for you, feel free to get in touch any time to discuss your ideas and requirements.


It'd be good to hear from you.

Multi Media

SoundCloud Audio - Deeper into Pesach (Passover)


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