Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"
Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"

Exciting Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology

With Doctor Garth Gilmour

If the Bible is truly the inspired Word of God, then surely the teachings, history, and statements it makes must be supported by the physical discoveries emerging from Biblical archaeology - especially in the Holy Land?


In particular, since Israel became a nation again and in the years since the Jewish people have had more control and influence over the physical territory of the Land, more and more exciting archaeological discoveries have been made. This exciting and inspiring talk looks at many recent discoveries in Biblical Archaeology from the very heart of Israel, including the Jerusalem excavations, ancient city gates and structures, and even honey - amongst other things.

Archaeologists at a dig in Israel

This talk will inspire and encourage you to believe the very essence and detail of God's word as more and more Biblical archaeological discoveries are made that entirely support the truth of God's Word.


Garth is a Biblical Archaeologist with over twenty years experience in Hly Land excavations, research and publication.


He received his MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1991 and his Doctorate from the University of Oxford in 1995.

Multi Media

Listen to Garth's talk and other content from our Messianic Yeshiva

Here are the slides and images to accompany Garth's talk


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