Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"
Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"

The Jewish Study Bible

By Adele Berlin

The Jewish Study Bible (featuring The Jewish Publication Society TaNaKh translation) is for anyone wanting to understand the scriptures from a perspective other than that of traditional Christianity.

Serious students of Judaism and God's Word will want to have a copy of this outstanding and surprisingly affordable study Bible on their book shelf, which stands in the tradition of Oxford's great study Bibles.


Using The Jewish Publication Society translation, the books of the Jewish canon are presented in their traditional order:

  • Torah (the five books of Moses)
  • Nevi'im (the major and minor prophets), and
  • Kethuvim (the other writings)


Leading Jewish scholars introduce each book and offer extensive sidebar commentary, discussing the views of ancient and modern rabbinic scholars. In addition, the volume provides two dozen scholarly essays on different aspects of interpretation: the Bible's use in various periods in Jewish history, in the liturgy, in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

There are essays on biblical languages, canonization, textual criticism, philosophical and mystical traditions, and biblical poetry. This landmark volume is at once serious and accessible, and spans the spectrum of Jewish thought.


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