Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"
Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"

Reconciliation in the Middle East

With Canon Andrew White - the "Vicar of Baghdad"

The "Vicar of Baghdad"

Is peace in the Middle East really possible?
This is the powerful and inspirational "Vicar of Baghdad" speaking on the current situation in Iraq and the Middle East.


In Iraq, Canon White lives in the Green (or International) Zone in the centre of Baghdad, and serves as vicar of St George's Church, which is just outside the Green Zone.


He has been dubbed the "Vicar of Baghdad", because his church is the only remaining Anglican church in Iraq. Here, he has continued the reconciliation that he promoted during his time as Director of International Ministry at Coventry Cathedral.


His main aim has been to try and maintain communication between Shia and Sunni leaders, and to "gain trust of key religious leaders on both sides in various conflict areas".


He sees his role as trying to mediate and re-establish the dialogue between conflicting groups...

Multi Media

Canon Andrew White's talk on SoundCloud

Also worth listening to this talk on the Arab-Israeli conflict...


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