Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"
Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"

The Church and Antisemitism

An Appalling History - An Overview

Martin Luther's "The Jews And Their Lies"

The Church has an appalling history regarding the Jewish people, so it's no wonder we just want to be left alone -and certainly want nothing to do with this 'Christian Messiah' in whose name we have been persecuted and killed for nearly two millennia.

The Church should not, however, bury its head in the sand but should acknowledge the role it has played - and then better understand the attitudes, motivations and aspirations of its long lost Brother - the Jewish people.


These study notes cover a whistle-stop tour of the two thousand years since Messiah was crucified until the modern era.

These teaching sessions include...

This teaching session covers the following topics, so if you want to know and understand more, read on and listen to our MP3 audio podcast...


  • The First One Hundred Years
    • Internal debates
    • Political impulsive violence
    • Destruction of Jerusalem, AD70
    • Bar Kochba, AD135

  • Greeks & Romans versus the Jews

  • The Early Church Fathers
    • Marcion (110 – 160)
    • Justin Martyr (100-165)
    • Ignatius (115)
    • Origen (185-254)
    • Tertullian (155-225)
    • Constantine the Great (280-337)
    • John Chrysostom (347-407)
    • St Augustine (354-430)
    • Council of Laodicea (369)
    • St Jerome (374-419)
    • Quinisext Council (692)

  • The Middle Ages
    • Middle Ages Overview
    • St Thomas' Blood Libel (1150)
    • Pope Innocent III (1205)
    • The Crusades (various dates)
    • The Black Death (1347)
    • Balthasar Hubmaier (1480-1528)
    • Martin Luther (1483-1546)
    • John Calvin (1509-1564)

  • The Church's Legacy

Multi Media

A four-part series on Jewish Roots TV

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  • Joel Blackford (Sunday, February 23 14 11:44 pm GMT)

    I'm thrilled that you included John Calvin too, then and today. He's complicit too. Amen and Amen!

  • Christine Eldridge (Saturday, March 08 14 02:56 pm GMT)

    Brilliant! Especially with the notes accompanying the podcast

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