Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"
Shorashim - Hebrew for "Roots"

Understanding The Language Of Yeshua

Understanding Jesus, Means We Have To Understand His Language

Yeshua spoke Greek! Or was it Hebrew, or Aramaic?

Did Yeshua speak Greek, Aramaic or Hebrew? How can we find out? And what difference does it really make to us?

This session investigates the Biblical and extra-Biblical evidence for the language of Yeshua (Jesus) and then looks at specific examples from the Gospels. Your eyes will be opened to a whole new and deeper understanding of Messiah.

So, if you really want to understand your Bible, this is a must-see, must hear teaching session that will blow your mind!


Even when we’re speaking the same language, the meaning can be completely different between cultures:

For example, “I’m going outside to smoke a fag” in English means “to go outside and smoke a cigarette”, but in America, where arguably the same language is spoken, it means “I’m going outside to shoot a homosexual”.


Word meanings change very rapidly, across and within generations:

Even when we're speaking the same language, the meaning can be completely different between cultures.

Think about these few examples, and I’m sure you can think of plenty of your own…

  • Gay (happy) versus gay (homosexual)
  • Wicked (nasty / evil) versus wicked (really good /  excellent)
  • Cool (cold) versus cool (good / fashionable)

What is more, word meanings certainly change very rapidly, across and within generations. Communication is much more than just language – so 2000 years on, Yeshua's language should be even more important to us.

It makes the pursuit of the historical Jesus even more interesting, exciting and at times difficult, but pursue we must if we are to truly know Him and be able to apply His teachings and lifestyle in our own culture and generation.


Here's an overview of what's included in this series of three studies:

  • What Language Did Yeshua Speak?
    • Extra-Biblical Evidence
    • Biblical Evidence
    • Cutting Edge Developments
  • What Difference Does It Make?
    • Aesthetic Differences
    • Substantive Differences
    • Fundamental Differences
  • What Now?


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  • Ian Banks (Saturday, June 14 14 03:27 pm BST)

    The bible often says Jesus spoke Aramaic...Tabitha,,Eloi , Eloi etc. and then translates it for us , It never translates Him saying anything in Hebrew . Painting word pictures between the Hebrew and
    Jesus sayings is not so easy to tie up as Aramaic and Hebrew (indeed most semitic languages ) are very similar. The Torah may well have been written in Hebrew and learnt by the boys to become sons of
    the law, but as half the population (ie women)didn't have this opportunity, it would make more sense to converse in everyday language that was being used by everybody else including from other

  • Andy (Monday, June 16 14 12:45 pm BST)

    Hi Ian, thanks for your comment. May I ask where the Bible says Jesus spoke Aramaic? Andy

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